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Getting started with customer generated content strategies and campaigns

Customer Generated Content campaigns are a topic often talked about when they’re done successfully, but without the context of what it takes to create an effective strategy and execute campaigns and marketing activities off of it. The reality is Customer Generated Content (also known as User Generated Content) is still new territory for many agencies and marketers alike, and their unfamiliarity with it can lead to missed opportunities for great content.

In this on demand webinar we are joined by Aaron Strout, President of WCG World, to discuss what you need to know to get your Customer Generated Content strategy off the ground and working for your business and marketing needs. In addition we’ll be showing select features within Sysomos Gaze that can aid in finding and analyzing the most impactful Customer Generated Content on social media.

What you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is customer generated content and what makes it unique
  • How customer generated content campaigns outshine traditional projects
  • How can business leverage and benefit from customer generated content
  • Proof and use cases where customer generated content has been effective
  • The do’s and don’ts of customer generated content
  • How can you find customer generated content
About Aaron Strout:

Aaron Strout is currently President of WCG World. Previously, he co-led marketing for W2O Group and was the head of the WCG Technology practice. Aaron has nearly 20 years of social media, mobile, online marketing and advertising experience, with a strong background in integrated marketing having worked with companies such as HP,, Intel and Visa.

Outside of his agency work, Aaron is also a co-author of the book Location Based Marketing for Dummies, and is also writes a monthly column about mobile marketing for

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